No national trend in the Australian election

The Australian Federal election is bringing us very different results in different states. The final state of Western Australia may determine if there is a majority or minority Government.

At 10.20 pm, the state swings are:

  • NSW: Labor down 2.3%
  • Victoria: Coalition down 4.4%
  • Queensland: Labor down 3.0%
  • South Australia: Coalition up 5.5% and Labor up 3.1%
  • Tasmania: Labor down 4.4%

So far the Coalition has gained five seats and Labor gained two seats and Tony Abbott lost his seat to an independent. Abbott became so destructive after he lost the leadership, few in the Liberal Party will mourn his sacking at the hand of the voters.

The only thing certain at this stage is the results are better for the Coalition than the exit polls, and worse for Labor. But a long way still to go.

UPDATE: Anthony Green has just said that Labor basically can’t form a Government. It is now simply a question of whether the Coalition will get a majority of at least 76 of 151 seats or need to do a deal with Independents to govern.

Bill Shorten has managed to lose the unloseable election. Pleased for Scott Morrison who is a good bloke. Hopefully the Libs can now unite behind him.

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