Great Bob Hawke story


The pair were in Melbourne for the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, which brings together leaders from different sectors from both countries to improve the Australian-American bilateral relationship.
“We took the Americans along to the MCG. There were Congressmen there, a whole bunch of senior Americans,” Mr Cassidy said.
“On the way out, we’re walking through the car park and they had the buses lined up to take everybody back to the Hyatt Hotel.

“And (Mr Hawke) said to me, ‘Oh I hate these buses, you know? You sit there and you’ve got to wait for the last person to turn up and it takes forever’.”
As they were waiting with the American officials to board the bus, a group of young men in a car pulled up and yelled out to the former prime minister.
“(They) yelled out ‘Hey Hawkey! You’re a legend’,” the Insiders host said.
“And he said, ‘If I’m such a freakin’ legend give me a lift back to the pub’.”
The young men agreed and Mr Hawke got into their car and they drove off, leaving the American officials in shock.

“They said ‘This cannot be happening’,” Mr Cassidy said.
“They couldn’t believe that a former prime minister would do that.”
When Mr Cassidy spoke to him the following day, Mr Hawke told him they were “great blokes”.
He even spoke to their mums on the phone while they drove to the pub.

And this was when he was in his 80s! A true character.

I suspect Hawke’s death will have people recall the good times of his Labor Government, and help Labor in today’s poll.

My pick is Labor to have over 80 seats in the 150 seat House.

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