NZ hosted a flat earth expo!

Stuff reported:

The biggest names in flat earth circles have flown across the globe to speak at the Flat Earth Expo in Auckland.
The stars of Netflix’s 2018 flat earth documentary Behind the Curve, YouTubers Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere, were in New Zealand this weekend to speak to local Flat Earthers.
Flat earth believers think the earth, rather than being the planetary sphere we have come to know, is actually a flat plane. Different factions within the flat earth community have competing ideas as to what the earth looks like and who controls it.

I believe Britney Spears is sane and stable. Which shows beliefs often clash with reality.

Some flat earth theories reckon huge ice walls, up to 45-metres high, surround the earth. The walls, located in what we know as Antarctica, are likely patrolled by an army to stop people climbing over and falling off the edge of the world.

Cool – the Game of Thrones version.

I may be wrong but I’d guess 75% of those who attended are not vaccinated and hate fluoride also.

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