Hosking praises Shaw

Mike Hosking writes:

The Greens hate GE. They hate GE as much as they hate a 6.75-litre V12 in a Rolls-Royce. And yet driven, I am assuming by common sense and a desire to see outside what those around him would be preaching, is calling for our laws to be looked at. Good on him.

I missed Shaw saying that. That is huge. Hopefully he means it, and it wasn’t just platitudes.

And in that, hopefully, is political gain. The chance for what I would guess is a not insubstantial group of New Zealanders who are into the environment, have broad-based green principles, but have been turned off over the years by the nutters who are the dangerous mixture of social engineer-come-communist.
A true Green party protects the environment – but not at the cost of jobs and progress. GE is progress. Yes, it’s got issues. Yes you need to be careful. But what we are being to this point is unengaged. And like technology, governments are woefully behind the big brains in the sector.
If GE can help farmers it can help all of us. Taxing our way to unemployment is a very blunt instrument to save the planet. Thank God a green like Shaw gets that – and given his position is prepared to show a bit of backbone and do the right thing.

Genter says is her generation’s WWII moment. Well trying to reduce emissions and banning the use of genetic technologies is like trying to win WWII without an airforce.

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