Government reports calls for prisons to be abolished

Go to this Government website and you will see an official Government report summarising an official Hui, where the consensus opinion was that the Government should abolish prisons.

  • Hui participants called for the abolishment of the current prison system.
  • There is an immediate need to provide healing spaces for offenders.

Almost no mention of victims. All about the offenders.

It is also interesting how wrong assertions were reported as fact. A couple of examples:

The system at present relies on incarceration as the only means to hold people accountable for criminal behaviour.

This is totally wrong. There is diversion, fines, community service, community detention, home detention etc.

And prison is in fact by law the last alternative only to be used if no other sentence will adequately protect the community.

So we have an official report which is factually incorrect and calls for the abolishment of the prison system. Wonder how much this coast taxpayers?

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