Did Twyford lie?

Stuff reports:

Minister of Transport Phil Twyford has said repeatedly that the former board of the New Zealand Transport Agency – with which he had a fractious relationship – did not wish to be reappointed and that the replacement of all but one of the board members last month was due to the board’s term ending. 
But now sources have confirmed to Stuff that this was in fact not the case and that some board members did ask to be reappointed, raising questions over whether Twyford misled Parliament. 
Last week, Twyford was asked in Parliament by National Party Transport spokesman Chris Bishop whether he would “stand by his statement that no one on the New Zealand Transport Agency board asked to stay on?”
Twyford responded, “Yes, I do”. 

The story reveals that Twyford has told this lie on multiple occasions.

But he can relax – his job is safe. If stuffing up the two biggest election promises for the Government doesn’t get you sacked, then merely lying won’t.

Twyford’s spokeswoman hung up the phone when asked why Darrow wasn’t reappointed if Twyford had asked him, and he wanted to be on the NZTA board.

Pretty bad when the press secretary can’t even cover up the lie, and just has to hang up.

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