Government delivers on pledge to boost exports

Stuff reports:

New Zealand has exported measles cases to the United States, according to the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC).
A report from the CDC published at the beginning of the month, showed that two American measles cases were imported from New Zealand.
While the overall number was small, New Zealand exported more measles cases to the US than countries like China, India, and Australia, despite far larger numbers of those countries’ citizens travelling to the US.

Yay, our public health failure has not just infected NZ, but also the US. Great job.

National’s associate health spokesperson, Shane Reti, said the numbers showed the seriousness of the outbreak. Reti called on Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter to reinstate health targets including targets for .

Should be a no brainer.

Genter rejected the claim the targets had been gotten rid of, noting that target data was still collected.

Only because journalists keep asking for it under the OIA. They scrapped the targets two years ago and promised to come up with their own. And they haven’t.

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