Hosking on Ardern and Winston


Do you think the Prime Minister understands the trouble her party and Government is in? …

She is tainted by association. Let us not forget that Winston has always been questionable company. From the early days with the Bolger-Shipley government, to the trouble with Clark that appears frighteningly similar over a decade later. If you hang with New Zealand First – at its very best, it’s a colourful ride.

At its worst, it’s the end of your government come election time.

The New Zealand First foundation, at first read, looks to have a tremendous number of questions to answer. The fact Peters could not, and would not answer them yesterday, spoke volumes.

Winston is doing exactly what he did in 2008. Attacking the media and claiming it is all lies. Except of course the truth came out and NZ First were found to have filed three false donation returns and Winston two false pecuniary interest returns.

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