West Coasters want industries not hand outs

Stuff reports:

A group of West Coasters expect thousands of people will join their rally opposing Government policies they believe are hurting the region’s economy. 
The group, called Naturally Together, say November 17’s event aims to protect the industries that support the ’s way of life, including mining, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and electricity generation.
Spokesman Peter Haddock, a businessman and Grey district councillor, said the region was facing significant pressure from a raft of new Government policies.
Among those concerning locals were the Government’s Freshwater action plan, the potential ban on new mining on Conservation land, the Indigenous Freshwater Fish Bill, the rejection of windblown timber legislation, and an upcoming review of significant natural areas by district councils. 

And the Government turning down a hydro dam that even DOC supported.

O’Connor said he had a “robust” discussion with Gibson. Most of the policies referred to were not yet decided on and would be subject to public consultation.
He felt it was ridiculous though to blame all of the region’s problems on the Government, which had written a cheque for almost $35 million to save the local polytechnic. 

O’Connor seems to think Government handouts is a substitute for policies that allow sustainable industries on the West Coast.

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