So why have the Police not acted?

The Herald reports:

A popular Kawerau campground has been closed after campers were intimidated and threatened by Mob members on bikes, allegedly led by the camp manager himself.

The Department of Conservation managed Lake Tarawera Outlet campsite has been closed until further notice after claims it had been taken over, and campers forced out, by members.

DoC operations director Central North Island Damian Coutts said DoC had been made aware of the allegations and was supporting in their inquiries and is also doing its own investigations given the seriousness of the incidents described.

“Because of the nature of the allegations, the campground has been closed,” Coutts said.

Why have the not moved in and evicted the Mongel Mob from the campground?

“My son said the campground manager was wearing a patch underneath his DoC vest,” said the man.

“Red-shirt wearing people were driving around in DoC vehicles on site, and I’ve been told by other people camping there that they have also been harassed and intimidated by there. The Mob is basically running the place and apparently there is more methamphetamine up there than anything else.

“It’s a bloody shambles for a DoC campground.”

So DOC hired a gang member to run their campsite, and he turned it into a Mob hangout and a operation.

Will anyone at DOC be held accountable for this?

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