You don’t go to the Police because someone shouted at your kid

The Herald reports:

A Whakatāne doctor is demanding an apology from a retail worker she claims repeatedly “yelled at” her young son for playing “peekaboo” behind a shop sign.

The doctor and mother, who works in the town’s hospital but did not want to be named, went shopping with her 15-month-old son and her son’s grandmother on The Strand, Whakatāne, this week.

They were in Just Jeans when she claims a staff member suddenly yelled at her son as he hid behind a sign near the shop window.

She said the woman yelled “get out of there” and, at first, her son giggled.

“I think maybe he thought; finally someone’s joined in my game.”

She said the staff member again yelled at the toddler who then came running to his mother crying.

Now up until this point of the article, I was all on the mother’s side. Of course the staffer shouldn’t shout at a toddler (unless it was actually damaging something). You just ask their parents to intervene.

I’d be upset if I was the mother also. But …

She called the police “and they said they were going to send a Community Constable over there.”

She said that in her opinion, “It is such a grey area, there has been no physical abuse, but it was abuse nonetheless.”

The mother lodged complaints with the regional Just Jeans manager and and is considering filing a complaint with the Commission.

You don’t call the cops because someone yelled at your kids. Who the hell would do that? And WTF are you doing going to the Commission because your toddler got yelled at. Get over it.

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