Income inequality up under Labour

Brian Fallow writes:

A centre-left Government should not be happy that in the year to June 2019 — its first full year in office — it has not moved the dial on income inequality at all.

A standard measure of inequality, called the Gini coefficient, at 33.9 is as bad as it has been at any time in National’s last nine years in power and higher than it was before the global financial crisis.

Yep income inequality increased under Labour, while it didn’t increase under National. Inconvenient facts.

The higher the Gini coefficient, the more unequal income distribution is. Here’s the Stats data:

  • 2008: 32.9
  • 2017: 32.9
  • 2019: 33.9

So not only did income inequality not get worse under National (which would surprise many as there were hundreds of articles claiming it was now a crisis), it has worsened under Labour (yet almost all the articles have stopped).

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