UK Labour members say Corbyn best ever leader!

A poll of UK Labour members asked them if they had favourable views of all their previous leaders.

Amazingly the guy got their worst result in 80 years topped the poll. In order their favourability is:

  1. Jeremy Corbyn (lost two elections) 71%
  2. Ed Miliband (lost one election) 70%
  3. John Smith (died) 67%
  4. Clement Attlee (won two elections, PM for 6 years) 66%
  5. 65% (lost one election)
  6. Harold Wilson 62% (won three, lost two elections, PM for 8 years)
  7. Neil Kinnock 46% (lost one election)
  8. Michael Foot 45% (lost one election)
  9. James Callaghan (lost one election)
  10. Tony Blair 37 (won three elections, lost none, PM for 10 years)

They really love their losers, don’t they.

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