47 years since the last non Blair win

47 years ago today (10 October 1974 in the UK) Harold Wilson won a general election for UK Labour. This was the last time UK Labour won a general election without Tony Blair as leader. Today most in UK Labour despise Blair and they look likely to extend the non-Blair streak to a half century. Here’s their list of leaders in elections since 1974:

  1. James Callaghan, lost 1979
  2. Michael Foot, lost 1983
  3. Neil Kinnock, lost 1987, 1992
  4. John Smith died
  5. Tony Blair won 1997, 2001, 2005
  6. Gordon Brown lost 2010
  7. Ed Miliband lost 2015
  8. Jeremy Corbyn lost 2017, 2019

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