Test test test

Yesterday the PM said:

Test, test, test –  that’s the message from Prime Minister Ardern as the Government continues its effort to eradicate Covid-19. 

The Government has broadened guidelines around Covid-19 testing, which will allow for more people to be tested and to see how far the disease has spread in New Zealand. 

There had been complaints that some people presenting symptoms had not been tested because they had no connection to overseas travel.  

“I would keep encouraging that we test, test, test,” Ardern said.

It has been obvious for weeks the guidelines for testing were too tight. There have been multiple stories of people who were refused tests who later turned out to have Covid-19.

So why didn’t we test test test from the beginning? Well on 15 March the PM said:

Also on the show, Prime Minister said testing at the border would not be effective. 

“Tests can produce false negatives, my concern would be putting all that resource into testing when it may not be accurate, then it might create a false sense of security that people who need to self isolate wouldn’t.

The PM is an excellent communicator, but I do wish media would take some time to look at the substance, and that in fact the substantive message keeps changing.

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