How the mighty have fallen

Jason Walls writes:

In front of a packed, Trumpesque rally in an Auckland event centre this afternoon, ex-National MP hitched his wagon to New Zealand’s radical political fringe.

He joined forces with a man named Billy Te Kahika – the leader of the new New Zealand Public Party.

It’s against 5G, 1080 and electromagnets but its most extreme policy platform boils down to conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and the Government’s response to the pandemic.

In a near 40-minute speech, Te Kahika – who founded the party 11 weeks ago – suggested Covid-19 was a bioweapon designed to be used on civilians around the world.

This really is nutty stuff. Its now far removed from the world is flat dogma.

He also wanted to do a full review of every UN agreement New Zealand has ever signed – this drew rapturous applause from the more than 1000 Public Party members at the event.

Alarming there were 1,000 there.

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