US death rate is growing quicker than the other rate countries

I graphed the daily data showing the cumulative death rate per million from Covid-19 for the OECD countries with the highest death rates. The US isn’t the worst country, but it may end up there.

As you can see the European countries got hit first and still have a higher death rate. But many of them now have relatively few additional deaths. The US though is still having significant increases. Here’s the increase in the death rate (deaths per million capita) in the last month:

  1. Belgium 1.1%
  2. Italy 1.7%
  3. France 2.0%
  4. Spain 4.7%
  5. UK 7.3%
  6. Sweden 11.5%
  7. US 18.3%

The US Government/s seems incapable of putting effective measures in place. If they can’t do so, then within six months or so they may have the highest death rate.

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