Why the future is not trains

Tino Caer writes at Medium:

A couple of days ago, the city of Las Vegas gave Elon Musk’s Boring Company the green light to begin the expansion of their underground highway system called “The Loop.” Musk and his team have ambitious plans for The Loop. Not only does Musk see it as the future of urban commuting, but he also believes that it will serve as the stepping stone for his other project, Hyperloop. …

Vehicles will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 150mph. That is over double the current maximum speed of most train systems, which travel at a measly 65mph. So in an ideal world, you will be arriving at your destination in half the time of the subway.

More importantly, vehicles will not have to stop at each station. Since all passengers in one car will be heading to the same destination, it will not have to make unnecessary stops along the way. This helps make an already quicker commute even quicker. Subways that have to stop almost every couple of blocks will not be able to compete with such a system.

That will be amazing. A 240 km/hr trip with no stopping between pickup and destination.

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