Let’s do this

This is the latest version of the ad. Thanks to the designer, who has been located and revised it. We’re going to fact check the data over the weekend, and I’m hoping we can start advertising it on Monday.

There are two easy ways to donate to have this ad seen by as many people as possible.

Internet Banking

BNZ 02 0536 0025353 001

I suggest you put something like “PK ad” in one of the reference fields.

Credit Card

All money received will go on paid advertising to get it seen far and wide. The best value for money appears to be Facebook. If enough is donated, could look at other mediums also.

The potential views may be huge. If we get $20,000 donated, then according to this site we would get:

  • 1.87 million impressions
  • 14,000 clicks through

The good thing with this is we are not selling anything. The ad is the product. If people click through, that’s a bonus. But what we want is for them to see the advert and hopefully realise how incompetent the delivery of promises has been.

I’ll do regular updates on how much has been donated and where it has been spent.

This may be the first time a blog has led to a paid election advertisement!