MIQ incompetence

Radio NZ reports:

Managed isolation planning is under fire after figures show there are still more than 1000 empty places – while returning New Zealanders and separated families say they are being told there is no room at the inn. …

The chair of thinktank the New Zealand Initiative, Roger Partridge, said the vacancies were shameful when so many people are crying out for places, including New Zealanders returning for a family Christmas.

“My impression is that officials are more interested in being ‘in control’ than meeting the needs of New Zealand families, firms and workers. This will have long term adverse effects on and wellbeing,” Partridge said.

“Quite apart from the human tragedy behind the empty beds, feedback from the community is of projects stalling, critical roles being left unfilled, and business activity suffering as a result.”

He asked whether officials were being held accountable for the unused capacity.

Our MIQ systems seems designed to meet the needs of the bureaucracy, rather than the needs of New Zealanders.

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