Not sure Quinovic is wrong on this one

Stuff reports:

A property management company that got in trouble for a “tone deaf” email to renters at the beginning of the lockdown is under fire again after a letter drop “inviting neighbours to snitch” on tenants.

The letter from Quinovic advised neighbours new tenants had moved into their area and encouraged them to contact the company with “any concerns about the property and its management”. …

The letter drew harsh criticism after it was shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

“We got a letter from slumlord scumbags Quinovic saying that they rented out one of the houses on our street inviting us to snitch on the tenants. More b……. that should be illegal,” the original post said.

I am not a fan of Quinovic. I have heard many horror stories myself, and they are not a company I would ever use as if I was a landlord.

But I’m not sure in this case they have done anything wrong. I think it is useful for neighbours to know who owns or is responsible for a property.

The fact someone on Twitter is outraged about something is now newsworthy. Many people on Twitter are perpetually outraged about pretty much everything.

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