Trump impeached 232-197

The has impeached Donald Trump (for the second time) by a vote of 232-197.

10 Republicans voted for the impeachment. This is the most votes ever in the House for an impeachment from members of the same party as the President. The other votes have been:

  • Andrew Johnson was impeached with 126 votes and 0 Democrats
  • Bill Clinton was impeached with 223 votes and 5 Democrats
  • Donald in 2018 was impeached with 229 Democrats, 1 Independent and 0 Republicans
  • Donald in 2021 was impeached with 222 Democratic votes and 10 Republicans

The trial in the Senate will start on 19 January and not conclude before his term expires on 20 January. However a conviction would not be inconsequential as the Senate could also vote to bar from any future federal office.

The GOP leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has said he will only decide how to vote after listening to the evidence. This is significant as in the previous trial, McConnell and most Republicans said outright they would not convict before the trial started.

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