Cheating in the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu by-election?

C&R released:

The deceitful collection of elector voting documents in the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu by-election is serious cause for concern and immediately needs to be addressed, says C&R candidate Malcolm Turner.

“I’ve received several reports that a person is knocking on local resident doors and asking to collect their voting papers. In one instance, person demanded an elderly resident fill in their paperwork and then hand it to them.

“Three residents have confirmed to me the identity of the person in question and unfortunately it is alleged to be a candidate.

“The rules are very clear. The candidate information guide states that voting documents should not be collected from electors by candidates or their assistants. Each elector should post or deliver their own voting document to the electoral officer.

have emailed the Returning Officer and Council asking them to officially inform candidates and their teams that interfering in the voting process by collecting another elector’s ballot is an offence under the Local Electoral 2001 and is liable on conviction.

Hopefully the electoral authorities will investigate and charge the candidate, if he has truly been asking voters to have over their ballot papers to him.

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