Even Biden fails the diversity purity test

Politico reports:

Long-simmering Democratic tensions over a lack of Asian American representation in President ’s administration boiled over Tuesday when Sen. Tammy Duckworth vowed to block future Biden picks without a White House plan to tap more nominees of Asian American descent.

Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat and the first Thai American woman in Congress, said it was “unacceptable” that Biden has named no Asian American Cabinet secretaries and vowed to oppose nominees on the floor “until they figure this out.”

Biden has the most diverse Cabinet in the history of the US, but even that isn’t enough for the diversity police who insist every conceivable demographic must be included.

Duckworth told reporters that a Monday evening call between Senate Democrats and Biden aides was the “trigger” for her holdup plans. After she asked about Asian American representation in the Biden administration, Duckworth recalled, White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon made a reference to Vice President Kamala Harris’ South Asian American heritage that the senator called “incredibly insulting.”

How is it insulting to point out the Vice-President is an Asian-American?

Biden’s Cabinet has the following:

  • White Men 6 (29% vs 30% of pop)
  • White Women 5 (24% vs 30% of pop)
  • Black Women 3 (14% vs 6% of pop)
  • Hispanic Men 3 (14% vs 9% of pop)
  • Black Men 2 (10% vs 6% of pop)
  • Native American Woman 1 (5% vs 1% of pop)
  • Asian American Woman 1 (5% vs 3% of pop)

But even this isn’t enough for the diversity police.

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