America’s first Female Veep?

Joe Biden has said his Vice-Presidential running mate will be a woman. If he is elected, then the US will have its first female VP.

The favourites in the prediction markets are:

  1. Kamala Harris, junior Senator for California, aged 55: 29%
  2. Amy Klobuchar, senior Senator for Minnesota, aged 60: 26%
  3. Stacey Abrams, former minority leader of Georgia House, aged 46: 15%
  4. Elizabeth Warren, senior Senator for Massachusetts, aged 70: 9%
  5. Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, aged 48: 9%
  6. Tammy Duckworth, junior Senator for Illinois, aged 52: 6%

The closest state in 2016 was Michigan. Also Minnesota and Georgia within 5%. So Whitmer could be interesting but she isn’t hugely popular in her home state.

People have joked that Biden appeals to black voters so he needs Kamala Harris to appeal to guilt ridden white liberals.

Klobuchar comes from a key region and is popular in her home state. I’d probably pick her as the favourite.

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