How about his other ankle?

Stuff reports:

William Emery drove his car at the partner he’d just argued with, pinning her to a wire fence four times.

He revved the engine to frighten her, saying “get in the vehicle, or I will run you over”.

His partner suffered broken fingernails, a court decision says, and the pair are no longer together.

On the day of the offending, 18 September 2020, he pushed her out of the vehicle before driving away, but turned back and “pushed her into the fence with the car four times”.

William Steven Emery pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and, in February 2021, was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Home detention was ruled out because Emery, a wheelchair user, has one leg amputated above the knee, which made fitting an electronic bracelet for home detention impractical.

What about his other ankle?

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