What about the mental health of the victims?

The Herald reports:

An Oamaru man set up a hidden camera to secretly film five women has been sentenced to eight months’ home detention.

William Andrew McLellan, 20, appeared in the District Court afternoon after pleading guilty to five counts of making an intimate visual recording.

The women whose privacy he had violated all spoke of the anger and distrust that had remained after they had been informed of the offending. …

McLellan created an alcove in a bathroom in which he placed a toilet bag.

In that bag he fashioned a small hole through which a small GoPro camera was able to film the unsuspecting victims as they used the toilet.

Judge Kevin Glubb outlined how the offending moved on.

McLellan later pierced a hole in the wall another bathroom, attaching the GoPro camera to film what happened.

So he invaded their privacy and made intimate recordings of them on the toilet. Incredibly unsettling for the victims.

The judge imposed the sentence of home detention and added 100 hours’ community work to provide “a sting in the tail” and to get McLellan out of the house.

The defendant was to pay each victim $500 and an order for destruction of the electronic devices was made.

Judge Glubb refused the Otago Daily Times’ application to photograph McLellan because of the potential impact on his mental health.

What about the mental health of the victims? They had their photos taken without consent by man. Why should he be protected?

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