Don’t complain, just choose another gym

Stuff reports:

Former TV3 journalist Kim Vinnell​ says she was turned away from a fitness class in Hawke’s Bay after refusing to be photographed with other members during exercise.

Vinnell took to Twitter on Tuesday saying Hastings F45 told her she could exercise there, if she signed a waiver agreeing to be photographed/filmed. She also posted about her experience on Instagram.

F45 Training is a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training. The company asks that its members sign a waiver to be filmed and photographed for marketing and promotional purposes.

Trainers would never take close-up photographs of any member who did not wish to be photographed but sometimes members might appear in the background of videos or photographs.

If you don’t like their terms and conditions, then don’t go there. As a customer you don’t get to dictate to the company that they must change their rules to suit you.

Senior communications adviser at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner Charles Mabbett​ said that in general, “if consumers believe a company is seeking consent for something that they think intrudes on their privacy, they should choose to reject the conditions and choose to go somewhere else”.


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