Simeon should thank the Mob

TVNZ reports:

A petition has been launched to strip MP Simeon Brown of his police, corrections, SFO and youth portfolios after what the claims was a “racist rhetoric” posted online following the death of a senior member in Hawke’s Bay.

On Tuesday, members of the gang were reportedly driving dangerously and doing burnouts during a tangi.

Photos show motorbikes flooding State Highway 2, which Brown slammed online.

“Unbelievable. Another gang funeral in Hawke’s Bay where were are able to take over the road. This should not be tolerated,” he wrote.

“The same gang effectively shut down Hawke’s Bay roads today also shut down a school for two days – where they held their funeral. Do just have free run in NZ? Do they face any consequences? Unbelievable.

“Is it acceptable under this Labour Government for schools to shut down kids – so that can hold funerals?” …

The petition was set up by Lou Hutchinson, handles public relations for a Hamilton chapter of the Mongrel Mob.

Fatupaito said the petition also calls for Brown to apologise to the affected whānau, that he be censured by the Party, he be censured by the Speaker of the House, that his Facebook and Twitter posts be removed pertaining to the tangihanga and his social accounts be suspended until completion of a cultural sensitivity counselling course or when the Speaker of the House sees fit.

The seem to have given up on the death threats against Simeon, and now are petitioning to have him sacked. If they keep this up, he’ll soon start appearing in the Preferred PM polls as the average NZers will think anyone whom the Mongrel Mob are trying to get sacked must be doing a great job.

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