The back of the queue

Henry Cooke writes:

It is becoming harder and harder for the Government to credibly say that the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is going according to plan.

Unless the plan was to be the slowest country in the developed world to vaccinate our population. Then it is right on track.

After all, 1.7 million Kiwis who are either over the age of 65 or have an underlying health condition became “eligible” for the vaccine in May as part of “group 3”. Thus far just 34,000 of them have been fully vaccinated – 2 per cent – and there are stories up and down the country of people technically eligible who have called up their doctors and been told to keep waiting.

So when they say general rollout begins on 28 July, that will probably be just one person!

We’re at the bottom of the OECD in terms of doses administered, and it looks unlikely we will change that any time soon.

This is not the front of the queue – this is so late you might miss the whole movie.

In fact the movie has finished, and everyone else has gone home.

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