Government gives Mongrel Mob $2.5 million for drug rehab!!!

The Herald reports:

Central Hawke’s Bay mayor Alex Walker says the funders of a $2.75 million drug rehabilitation programme led by the Mongrel Mob, must keep their eyes “wide open”.

Close to $3m in funding seized from gangs and criminals by police is being used to fund the new Kahukura programme, a live-in mārae-based aimed at addressing trauma and drug-seeking behaviour.

A powhiri was held earlier this week at Tapairu Marae in Waipawa to launch the Kahukura programme, with invitations signed off by Mongrel Mob national president Sonny Smith and his wife Mahinaarangi Smith.

This is fucking insane. The Mongrel Mob import the drugs and sell the drugs and now the Government is giving them $2.5 million for drug rehabilitation.

This is like New York in the 1930 giving Al Capone millions of dollars to run alcohol addiction services.

Liam is right. The Mob have it great. The create or import the meth. They sell trhe meth and make money from that and then the taxpayer gives them more money to fund rehabilitation made necessary by the drugs they sell. They can’t lose.

And to add insult to injury the money comes from the proceeds of crime money. This is meant to help victims, not fund the people who cause them.

The Mongrel Mob are not a community group like Rotary. Having them involved in drug rehabilitation is a sick joke. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice should be censured for their decisions to fund this.

Kahukura is expected to run for three cycles of 10 weeks per year over three years, serving up to 10 participants and their whānau – about 40 people – per cycle.

So that is $900,000 a year for 30 people a year or $30,000 per person. It is a 10 week course so they are charging $3,000 a week per person. Not only are we funding gangs, but we are doing so at rip off rates.

This would never happen under a National Minister of Health or Justice. It would and should be squashed at conception.

UPDATE: Turns out some of the activities being funded by this money includes participants doing gardening at the home of the local Mob chapter President.

If you want to see an end to this, sign the Taxpayers’ Union petition demanding the Government stop funding gangs.

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