Ipsos on the issues

Ipsos have done a poll on what issues are of most concern to NZers. The top ones are:

  1. Housing 53% (+19% from a year ago)
  2. Health 27% (nc)
  3. Cost of living 27% (+4%)
  4. Poverty 26% (nc)
  5. Economy 22% (-18%)
  6. Crime 21% (+5%)

So housing is massively up and the economy massively down. Labour will be pleased to have the economy low down as major issue as that is not a traditionally good area for them to compete on. Housing is usually a better issue for them but obviously they are not doing well in this area. The question is whether people will see National as doing better?

Cost of living and crime are both up modestly from last year. They are both areas potentially useful for National if they continue to grow as a concern.

Ipsos also ask people to rate the Government’s performance on a 0 to 10 scale. It has declined from 7.3 a year ago to 6.4 today. So not a good trend but 6.4 is still pretty damn good. Only 15% gave them a rating of 0 to 3 compared to 58% who gave them a 7 – 10.

Also of concern to National should be the number of people rating Labour as better than them on managing key issues. The scores are:

  • Cost of living – Labour +17%
  • Health Labour +28%
  • Poverty Labour +37%
  • Economy Labour +9%

National needs to lead Labour on the economy and cost of living to be competitive.

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