Jacinda makes another global list

Steerpike at The Spectator writes:

The fall of Afghanistan has provoked much comment and soul-searching on both sides of the Atlantic. Along with the usual talking heads and thumping op-eds, the Taliban’s imminent victory has prompted some truly awful takes from some of the less distinguished figures in public life. Below is Mr Steerpike’s guide to some of the most tone-deaf, stunningly crass and just plain sinister responses to the fall of Afghanistan.

The list includes the UK Stop the War Coalition who wants reparations paid to the Taliban, the British Foreign Secretary for staying on holiday, Nancy Pelosi for praising Biden for what happened. But NZ makes it also:

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has ‘implored’ Taliban leaders to uphold human rights, telling a press conference ‘What we want to see is women and girls being able to access work and education’ which she insightfully noted ‘are things that have traditionally not been available to them where there has been governance by Taliban.’ The Taliban’s response is as yet unknown.

Oh dear.

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