Life without parole

Stuff reports:

A man has been charged with the sexual violation and murder of Lena Zhang Harrap, who was found dead in central Auckland on Wednesday.

The Mt Albert community has been in shock after police began a homicide investigation into the death of the 27-year-old.

Zhang’s body was discovered about 4.30pm in an area of bush off a walkway on Ōwairaka/Mt Albert, where she would often walk. …

Residents were devastated at the news of Zhang’s death. Many had taken part in a suburb-wide search for the woman, who had Down syndrome and was visually impaired.

Floral tributes have been laid at the top of Summit Rd, Owairaka domain.

Mt Albert resident Aysha Blanchard said while the suburb isn’t a stranger to crimes, she’s never seen anything happen like this.

“It’s very clear that [Zhang] was a prominent and well-known member of our community,” said Blanchard.

All homicides are terrible, and leave behind devastated families and friends.

But this particular homicide is a degree of awfulness that is hard to comprehend as Zhang was so vulnerable. The person who did this to her must be lacking in all humanity.

Since news of the death broke, I have been alternating between rage and despair. I just can’t comprehend how someone can do this.

If the person charged is found guilty, they should be sentenced to life without parole. Quite simply they are just pure evil.

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