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Item 1: Good news out of Britain for the Vaxxed and Unvaxxed.

Although the double-vaxxed are catching Covid at higher rates than the unvaxxed in the UK they are still having lower incidents of serious illness. However, for both, death rates for people who have had positive tests are now very low.

Under 18s: Zero for both categories (classes?) – and yet to play 1st XV Rugby in Auckland now you need to be vaccinated.

18 to 29: 0.1/100,000 vaxxed, 0.5/100,000 unvaxxed

30 to 39: 0.2/100,000 vaxxed, 0.9/100,000 unvaxxed

40 to 49: 0.6/100,000 vaxxed, 3.5/100,000 unvaxxed

50 to 59: 1.7/100,000 vaxxed, 12.8/100,000 unvaxxed

60 to 69: 5.5/100,000 vaxxed, 26.7/100,000 unvaxxed

70 to 79: 15.8/100,000 vaxxed, 56.4/100,000 unvaxxed

80+: 56.3/100,000 vaxxed, 144.1/100,000 unvaxxed

So – the advances in treatment, etc, means that if I was a man in my 50s and choose not to have the vaccine and was then unlucky enough to get covid – I have a 0.0128% chance of dying within 60 days.

Item 2: Ardern lifts the profile of New Zealand around the world – either through pushing around interpreters, redefining the class system, or seeing to it that some teachers & health workers get the sack.

Daily Mail on the argy bargy:

CNN on the argy bargy:

The Telegraph on the sackings:

The Telegraph on the new class system:

Paul Joseph Watson on her:

Hitler on hospital preparedness:

Item 3: The NZ Ministry of Education ranks third most secretive in terms of OIA extensions.

  1. The GCSB
  2. The NZ SIS
  3. The Ministry of Education – with nearly 50% of OIA requests extended despite having 3,400 staff members.

Item 4: Disaster in NZ for many families and children.

In July the Villa Education Trust had a Designated Character School proposal for 480 neuro-diverse students turned down. Why? The Minister (Hipkins) and Ministry formally told them that:

  “there are available supports for all learners in existing state schools”

Since July things have obviously gone very badly and yesterday in the House ex PPTA head Angela Roberts and ex NZEI and Primary Principal Jan Tinetti (ass. Minister of Education) had this exchange.

10. Angela ROBERTS to the Associate Minister of Education: What work is she progressing for students with the highest learning support needs?

Jan Tinetti: We know that some students aren’t getting the right support they need and when they need it … the changes we are making will benefit 50,000 to 80,000 students in that situation.

Where have 80,000 high needs students suddenly come from?

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