Today’s Kāinga Ora horror story

Today ends with a Y, so we have another Kāinga Ora horror story. Stuff reports:

Morunga lived in the Kāinga Ora-owned apartment block in Wellington’s Strathmore Park for three years. In that time, the mother-of-two endured stand over tactics from a local gang member, was confined to her social housing flat while police searched for the perpetrators of an axe attack, and tried to revive a man who overdosed on the lawn.

Here’s a radical idea. What if Kāinga Ora terminated the tenancy of tents who threaten and intimidate other tenants?

If I owned an apartment block and 95% of my tenants were great people and 5% were harassing and terrorizing them, I’d get rid of the 5%.

In October Morunga said she had been asking to be transferred to another Kāinga Ora property for nearly three years without progress.

After the stabbing, Morunga and her partner decided to abandon their apartment and left the next day. As of December 2021, they were staying with her partner’s ex and looking for a new home.

So rather than deal with the violent bad tenants, they force out the good tenants.

Statistics provided by police painted a more damning picture. Police attended 51 incidents and received 128 calls associated with the Nuku Street area from July 4, 2020 to June 1, 2021.


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