Petrol is $3/litre

The Herald reports:

Filling up at the petrol pump is costing New Zealanders up to $9 more than a month ago, putting further pressure on household budgets.

The end of fuel price hikes is not yet in sight, an expert warns, with a number of domestic and factors likely to force them higher still in coming months.

That will add put more pressure to New Zealanders’ pay packets alongside high rents and rising prices.

Unleaded 95 has passed $3/litre at more than a dozen petrol stations around the country, according to fuel tracking Gaspy.

The average price of 95 is $2.79, up 22c from a month ago. That means a smaller car with a tank of 40 litres would cost $8.80 more to fill up compared with the same time last month.

I’m glad our main car is electric.

According to NZ, the cost of petrol is 34% higher today than in September 2017.

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