Why is the Government so against full independent inquiries?

Stuff reports:

The is concerned the government is trying to cover up any part ministers might have played in the response to the occupation of Parliament in February and March.

A request to bring the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) before the justice select committee to discuss the terms of reference for its investigation into the Parliament occupation was denied by the Government.

And there is no sign of the Government launching its own independent of the response, weeks after Jacinda Ardern incorrectly suggested the IPCA could look into the actions of Speaker Trevor Mallard.

Hmmn, could there be a shorter term for incorrectly suggested?

It comes as a February 12 email to residents at the Kate Sheppard Apartments, opposite Parliament, suggested deputy Grant was aware of tactics to play loud music and health messages all night from Parliament’s speakers, in an attempt to deter protesters.

In seeking to grill the IPCA over its terms of reference, National wanted to determine once and for all whether the actions of the Speaker, and ministers, would be within the investigation’s scope.

The letter sent to residents said “tonight there will be loudspeakers going thru the night telling people they are trespassing and to move on and also loud health messages”.

“Our local MP, Grant Robertson, has phoned and apologised for the disruptions that there will be and has offered any help needed.”

The email was sent at 4.21pm on February 12, roughly two hours before the loudspeakers were turned on.

If Grant knew, then Jacinda knew. This means they either assented, or at a minimum didn’t suggest it was a bad thing to do.

No wonder they don’t want an independent inquiry into what happened.

Just like they won’t do a Royal Commission into the response to Covid-19. We’ve spent tens of billions of dollars, and have taken draconian (but often justified) actions in the response. It is hard to think of any issue more needing a Royal Commission to look into it, but the Government seems as allergic to accountability as they are to delivery.

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