Three ram raids in three months

Stuff reports:

A Huntly Four Square owner has been burgled three times in the last 90 days says is a “third world country”.

Jas Sandhu is concerned that offenders are too brazen. He’s now living in constant fear for his family and staff.

He’s owned Fred’s Four Square since 2004, but he’s ready to give it up.

Can’t blame him.

Sandhu is frustrated that police didn’t attend the burglary until 9.30am after asking dispatch about 6am to get them to the scene straight away.

“I asked for one cop.We didn’t feel safe here, we just wanted someone to walk us through the shop to make sure no-one was inside. The person on the phone said if I wait for the cop I will be there all day.”

A ram raid on May 30 and another on March 6 had cost Sandhu over $70,000 in stock and damage, he estimates.

“This is the reason why these people have no fear, because they probably know cops aren’t coming.”

The two things that most deter criminals is the probability of being caught and the probability of serious punishment if caught.

He said in the 18 years he’s had the business it’s the worst crime he’s seen.

“I am feeling insecure at the moment.

“I have helped the food bank with nearly $10,000 worth of food for the community. We support our community, so we aren’t just a business.”

He deserves better.

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