Wasn’t the wrong person assaulted?

NewstalkZB reports:

A woman was violently assaulted at a bar after CCTV footage of her kissing a man was shared with his partner has lodged a complaint with the Privacy Commission. 

The woman, doesn’t want to be named, was drinking at The Residence bar in Wellington when she was punched in the head from behind while ordering a drink in October last year. 

Not long before that she’d kissed a man she’d met that night. Unbeknownst to her, a staff member was watching through the closed circuit cameras and filmed the pair on her phone before sending it to the man’s partner. 

His partner and her friend then stormed the bar and attacked the woman, punching her to the ground where she lost consciousness before waking up in the bathroom. 

Putting aside the privacy issue for now, why did the aggrieved partner assault the woman, instead of the man (her partner)? It is her partner was cheating on her, not the woman. She only met him that night. She isn’t culpable.

The woman, suffered a concussion and was unable to work for close to three months, alleges the staff member refused to get her help so she had to call for an ambulance herself. 

“You kissed my mate’s boyfriend, you’re banned and that’s why she hit you. I’ve got footage of you kissing him,” she claims the staff member said. 

The staffer, if this is correct, should surely be sacked,

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