Imagine how this would be reported?

It is fascinating to see so many of the Twitter left celebrating that they managed to physically prevent someone from speaking at Albert Park. They are so convinced of their moral superiority that they can’t imagine that the precedent may one day have them at the receiving end.

But imagine how they would react to a scenario like this.

A controversial anti-semitic speaker is coming to NZ, hosted by a controversial pro-Hamas group in NZ. They label themselves as being merely pro-Palestinian but their opponents claim they are anti-semitic and their rhetoric and even their presence in NZ is a literal danger for Jewish people.

They turn up to Albert Park to be met with 3,000 Jews and their supporters who drown them out, demolish barriers keeping them back, yell abuse and even throw liquid over them. The speaker doesn’t get to speak to their few hundred supporters who wanted to hear what they were going to say, and flees in a police car for their own safety.

If this was the scenario, would this be seen as a great victory for tolerance?

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