NZ drops nine places in climate change index

This should be a major story that exposes the lack of credibility the Government has on climate change.

An annual index of high emitting countries is published, ranking how well they do on the issue of climate change performance. 50% is weighted on the trend of emissions, 30% on their overall level, and 20% on their policies.

In 2007 NZ was in 22nd place out of 56.

In 2008, NZ has plummeted to 31st place out of 56.

NZ has fallen into the bottom half in the last year. In the same year that Helen Clark declared her vision of being the best country in the world – the first carbon neutral country. The Environment Ministry is all pumped up to spend our money next year promoting these fine words.

Except the substance behind the words is a myth.

Falling nine places is the reality.

Hat Tip: Kiwiblogblog

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