2007 Kiwiblog Stats

I’ve had to wait a few days to get the 2007 stats before my ISP complains traffic is so heavy they had to change the stats package from daily to weekly updates!

Anyway in 2007, Kiwiblog had the following:

Page Views: 9,222,545
Unique Visits: 2,697,578
Downloaded Data: 853 GB
Posts Made: 2,962
Comments Left: 70,247

While this is small fry compared to some of the US blogs (or global tech blogs), it actually is pretty high for our population. In the UK the most visited bloggers are Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale. Guido blogs here that he had 4,273,096 page views in 2007 and Iain Dale had 4,554,000 page views.  They did get more unique visits but still not bad considering the UK population is around 15 times larger than NZ.

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