Rotorua Selection

March 20th, 2008 at 8:39 am by David Farrar

also selected its candidate last night.  is marginally a majority on the new boundaries, so it was vigorously contested by five .

The evening stretched out to the maximum four ballots, and won in the final round against Don Hammond.

Todd has had a fascinating career including many years as the Cook Islands Ambassador to the European Union. He is very respected for his advocacy work on behalf of many Pacific states. He also has a strong business background.

His father, Roger McClay, is a former MP for Taupo. Roger was (and is) a hugely likeable guy who said in his valedictory speech he was probably leaving without an enemy in Parliament – a rare feat. He later served as Children’s Commissioner.

As I have said previously Steve Chadwick will be no pushover, but I think Todd has a fine parliamentary career ahead of him.

Talking of selection meetings, there was a really good question asked at another candidates meeting I attended this week (not Wellington Central).  The candidates were asked “What question do you not want to be asked, and what would be your answer to it”.

That was a very cunning question.  I’m not sure what question I would least like to be asked if I ever sought a candidacy. Probably something about why I was one found underneath a hedge in Dunedin pretending to be a hedgehog!

13 Responses to “Rotorua Selection”

  1. Tauhei Notts (2,362 comments) says:

    Todd’s adverts above the urinal in every public bar in the Rotorua electorate will say;
    “Under Chadwick’s rule it is legal for patrons to sodomise one another in the privacy of this toilet but they must not smoke here.”

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  2. tim barclay (611 comments) says:

    It was a very good happy evening with supporters being perfectly happy to work with any of the candidates if selected. And the contest between the candidates went very well as well. So a very competitive contest without rancor in the best traditions of the National Party. Judy Kirk has known Todd since he was very young and was clearly pleased with the choice but she kept scrupulously out of things. Trust the people is the motto and the National Party trusts its people to make the right choice. Delegats and supporters afterwards were well satisfied with their choice but could have worked with any of them.

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  3. big bruv (15,564 comments) says:


    Can we have the usual Easter trading thread please, I enjoy the annual scrap that ensues as all those who have easter off piss and moan about shops being closed.

    [DPF: It will appear tomorrow]

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  4. BlairM (2,755 comments) says:

    I can only hope that the son will not be as saggy and wet an MP as his father was.

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  5. Insolent Prick (237 comments) says:

    Todd’s a smart, very affable guy, who worked hard to win the selection. It says a lot about the National Party that it places its trust in 60 local delegates to select their candidate democratically, rather than Labour, who use head office to impose people that locals don’t want.

    Rotorua is one of six or seven seats that National should win from Labour this time: along with Hamilton East, Auckland Central, Taupo, Otaki, West Coast, and possibly Palmerston North. If Todd can run a smart, disciplined, hard-working campaign in Rotorua, then Steve Chadwick will be toast. His challenge is to articulate how out of touch Labour is with provincial voters.

    Good luck to him.

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  6. tim barclay (611 comments) says:

    I have my hopes on Wellington Central and New Plymouth as well. In the CNI a clean sweep of the General Electorates is the aim.

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  7. Tamaki Resident (66 comments) says:

    IP – you’ve got a very short memory. What was all the fuss over David Carter again?

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  8. planegeek (2 comments) says:

    This is posted on the Air New Zealand website:

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  9. NX (583 comments) says:

    I’m in the Bay of Plenty. I wonder what one has to do to be a delegate?

    I’m considering volunteering for the local National candidate – so having a say in who it is would’ve been great.

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  10. David Farrar (1,771 comments) says:

    You need to have been a member for at least six months to be eligible to be a delegate. In BoP there was only one nominee so no selection necessary.

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  11. horisthebear (43 comments) says:

    IP – I think you need to add Waimak to that list. And Hamilton East was won last election by National…I think Palmy Nth may be a struggle given the rural parts trimmed off its boundaries. The same applies to Hamilton West. Anyways the Electorates don’t determine the govt it is the party vote that determines the Govt.

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  12. NX (583 comments) says:

    Thx for the info DPF. I was a member during the 2005 election, but I’d imagine my membership has since expired…

    I’ll probably renew my membership when I make a donation this election.

    Todd will be my local National MP (think Ryall is BOP). So, if I want to volunteer how do I go about doing this….. email him perhaps.

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  13. Rotorua (15 comments) says:

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