“Oral sex the new abstinence”

Sorry but can’t resist headlines like this one: Oral sex the new abstinence.

Is this like “Chocolates the new salad”?

“For young people it’s an almost universal practice now, with 90 percent trying it before the age of 30,” said Basil Donovan, a professor of sexual health at the University of NSW.

90% by age 30?? I would have said age 20.

Another sexual health expert, Dr Juliet Richters, author of the book Doing it Down Under, said she believed the rise of feminism was the key to the trend

Yay for feminism 🙂

The dramatic shift has occurred in one generation, with people aged over 50 having had oral for the first time an average of eight years after first having standard .

Good God.

“Now it’s a one year gap and in many groups the oral intercourse comes first, some times by a few years,” Prof Donovan said.

I would have thought that it was more common for to precede vaginal sex. I certainly know a few people who see oral as a sort of enhanced third base!

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