A speedy deal

November 17th, 2008 at 10:58 am by David Farrar

As the Herald shows, John didn’t get Sunday off. And later today the full will be unveiled.

I am disappointed to read that we will be keeping the Ministry at 28 Ministers. That is far too much. I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t increasing from the record high Helen took it to.

In my ideal Government you would have around 12 Ministers in Cabinet and 10 – 12 outside Cabinet. The Ministers in Cabinet would each look after a cluster (such as Law & Order or Education) and Ministers outside would look after specific portfolios delegated to them.

Anyway that is 23 Ministers from . Who will they be? I may be wrong, but I would say there are 17 definites or near definites.

  1. Bill English
  2. Gerry Brownlee
  3. Simon Power
  4. Nick Smith
  5. Tony Ryall
  6. Judith Collins
  7. David Carter
  8. Anne Tolley
  9. Murray McCully
  10. Maurice Williamso
  11. Wayne Mapp
  12. Chris Finlayson
  13. Tim Groser
  14. Pansy Wong
  15. Steven Joyce
  16. Georgina te Heuheu

That leaves another six places for the 2005 intake and others to fight over.

There will also be three National MPs in Speakerships, two Whips and half a dozen Select Committee Chairs so all up 35 or so baubles to allocate :-)

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6 Responses to “A speedy deal”

  1. Turpin (342 comments) says:

    I’m please that JK and everyone is getting down to business without farting around over negotiations.
    There is a lot to get going with.

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  2. aardvark (417 comments) says:

    Nooooo…. not Maurice Williamson!

    Look what he did (or should I say *didn’t* do) in respect to Telecom’s monopoly in the late 1990s.

    The guy was just a seat-warmer and a waste of space.

    If JK is silly enough to give him a ministerial position (especially after he showed that he has little respect for the dictates of the leader) then I’ll retract my vote! :-)

    I mean, he was told *not* to talk about road tolls after he blundered into suggesting fees the first time — and then he turned around and did it again just a few weeks later. The guy is either thick, arrogant, disrespectful of the party structure — or all three (most likely).

    Williamson as a minister? God help us all.

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  3. Nigel (517 comments) says:

    I’m with aarvark, The thought of Williamson having anything to do with IT in a National Government was the sole reason I had to think twice about voting National.

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  4. freedom101 (491 comments) says:

    After the rulling out by John Key of Roger Douglas from a ministerial role, I can think of no better use of his talents than chair of the Finance and Expenditure Committee.

    In that role he support the coalition’s focus on value for money as the FEC reviews of departmental performance.

    His experience for this roll is second to none and I sincerely hope that this will be exploited. It’s unlikely he will serve more than one term at this stage, so let’s hope it can be made to count.

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  5. pdm (842 comments) says:

    freedom – as I said earlier at keeping stock I think Craig Foss will chair the FEC. Douglas will obviously ACT’s rep on this committee and he and Foss could make a formidable team – both have vision and the ability to think and operate outside of the square.

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  6. wreck1080 (3,866 comments) says:

    don’t like williamson either. He was actually terrible and nationals weakest link too?

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