Watkins on McCully

November 29th, 2008 at 9:39 am by David Farrar

Tracy Watkins does a useful profile of Foreign Minister :

Mr McCully admits his new job was probably cause for a few quiet toasts within National’s ranks. “The prospect of me travelling overseas a great deal is very reassuring for many of my colleagues.”


But the foreign affairs portfolio also represents a deliberate decision to step away. “I make no secret about the fact that I’m keen to play a role in a major portfolio and to provide less room for media speculation of a negative character about my involvement in political management issues.

“I’ve attracted a rather ordinary press on that front from time to time and the opportunity to do something substantial and stand on my own feet is something I’m really looking forward to . . . I think if you’re fortunate to have some time in Parliament, the final phases of your role should see you usefully employed and using your experience.”

Is that a hint that this could be Mr McCully’s last hurrah – and a desire to leave on a high note?

For my 2c this is largely correct. Murray has been an MP for 21 years, and I think is very keen to be known as more than just the Dark Prince. Ironically enough Winston Peters wanted the same thing – I’m confident Murray will be more sucessful!

6 Responses to “Watkins on McCully”

  1. OECD rank 22 kiwi (2,947 comments) says:

    Murray McCully can’t do any worse than his predecessor.

    Then again, all the Ministers in the last government were absolute rubbish. A complete waste of taxpayer’s money. Too bad some of that taxpayer money is still being wasted providing these ex-ministers with a salary.

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  2. pushmepullu (686 comments) says:

    McCully will go down in history as one of New Zealand’s greatest foreign minister along with such universally beloved figures as Brian Talboys, Keith Holyoake and Jack Watt. Hmm, which party were they from? I forget…

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  3. Johnboy (20,828 comments) says:

    I’ve heard he can’t stand seafood so we should be OK on the bribery front with him at the helm.

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  4. peterwn (4,290 comments) says:

    pushmepullu – Now pull the other one. I can quite understand younger people not knowing who they are, but those with political knowledge would surely recognise the first two and know which party they were in. With respect to Jack Watts, he retired from politics in 1957 so one could be forgiven in not knowing his background. Interestingly upon his retirement he chose not to return to Christchurch but instead established a law practice in Wellington (a predecessor to Minter Ellison Rudd Watts I think).

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  5. pushmepullu (686 comments) says:

    Exactly my point Peter

    It’s easy to tell who will make a good Foreign Minister – the question is, are they in the National Party? If they are, the answer is yes.

    McCully will bring a gravitas and charisma to the international stage that has been seriously missing under the corrupt Winston Peters and Phil Goff, who held hands with Yassir Arafat, shaming New Zealand before all freedom loving countries.

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  6. roger nome (2,381 comments) says:

    It’s hard to know whether you’re in the McCully camp of National or not DPF. The fact you aren’t slavering over him in your usual sycophantic pro-National style makes me suspect that you’re anti-McCully … But then i remember being told that you were for English being rolled by Brash (which McCully also supported), so now i’m a little confused.

    Can you clear any of this up for me please DPF?

    [DPF: Well as I was shown on TV One the day of the coup, prematurely celebrating with the English camp the night before, that tends to suggest your theories are lacking in substance]

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