A disaster averted?

The prisoner who stabbed another inmate because he scared a cat was being prepared for release as he was in a standalone self-care unit.

The Dom Post reveals he was convicted of murder and rape in 1987 and been refused on eight occasions. Obviously someone in authority had thought 21 years was enough and signals had been sent he would get in the near future.

If the alleged stabbing is accurate, then he would have almost certainly offended once he released – maybe even killing again.

Most disturbing is this:

Corrections Association president Beven Hanlon said guards had raised concerns about McKinley for six months. The victim could have died if a third inmate had not intervened.

Corrections Department support service manager Karen Urwin said she was not aware of any staff concerns about inmates in the self-care unit. The department would investigate whether the inmates were “appropriately placed”.

It sounds like the Burton case all over again. The actual prison guards knew he was a bad sort likely to offend, yet this neer makes it way through to management or those who make the decisions.

If I was the Minister, I’d want an inquiry or at the minimum a report into how this happened.

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