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October 7th, 2009 at 6:08 am by David Farrar

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A photo of US Trade Representative , with Goff and Groser, taken from Kirk’s blog. Fran O’Sullivan writes:

A public show of Kiwi bipartisanship infiltrated Washington yesterday as Trade Minister and his predecessor, Labour’s , paid a joint call on the Obama Administration official who calls the shots in United States trade. …

Kirk would have been left in no doubt after his meeting with the two men over the common commitment the major New Zealand political parties have towards advancing the cause of trade liberalisation in two pivotal areas: completing the World Trade Organisation’s Doha Round, and getting some traction on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement involving the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Peru and Chile. …

But Groser, who has met Kirk six or seven times in the past few months, noted that while patience is the name of the game for those wanting to negotiate with the US, it was important that National and Labour demonstrated a united front on trade.

His invitation to Goff to join him at the meeting with the Trade Representative showed all the skills of his pre-politics background as a seasoned trade negotiator.

While neither politician would put it this directly, at least not in public, the political utility from a New Zealand perspective in presenting a united front means the US will not be tempted to play one major party off against the other when it comes to negotiating any bilateral tradeoffs within the prospective TPP.

Always good to see bipartisanship in the trade area. Both major parties have supported the free trade agenda since 1984, and long may it continue.

6 Responses to “Working together for NZ”

  1. ben (2,429 comments) says:

    There is a lot not to like about Labour, and National come to think of it, but trade is not one of them. Well done to both parties and to Groser and Goff in particular, for their commitment to trade and this effort.

    Now if only National would get rid of those pesky last tariffs…

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  2. Viking2 (14,386 comments) says:

    Ditto. Goff has never really been credited with kudos for his trade efforts. Kudos to Grosser for recognizing Goff’s contribution and continuing to put NZ’s interests first.

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  3. XChequer (350 comments) says:

    Once again, this is why I voted for this Government. A better, more commonsense attitude towards policy and politics. Well done Mr Groser and (grinds teeth) Phil Goff.

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  4. Monty (941 comments) says:

    Note to National – under no circumstances give Labour or any of their flunkies any oxygen. – This must include denying them any photo opportunities.

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  5. projectman (373 comments) says:

    The openness with which the National government is pursuing matters is so refreshing. I wonder if the same invitation (to National) would have been extended if the roles were reversed.

    Tim Groser is showing the benefit of bringing real-world experience into the political arena. Labour’s problem (one of the many) is that they just don’t have people such as this, and that has been reflected in how they ran things during their period of office.

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  6. annie (540 comments) says:

    I see Phil’s main concern seems to be to lean in close enough to make absolutely sure he’s in the shot. As always.

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