Colin Espiner’s Awards

December 22nd, 2009 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

Colin hands out his awards:

  • Politician of the Year: John Key. Highly commendeds go to Simon Power, Tony Ryall, and Tariana Turia
  • Idiot of the Year: Rodney Hide. Highly commended to Hone Harawira.
  • Worst Performance by an MP: Melissa Lee. Highly commended to Ashraf Choudhary
  • Loser of the Year: Richard Worth.
  • Backbencher of the Year: Jacinda Ardern. Highly commended: National’s Nikki Kaye.
  • Most Improved MP: Gerry Brownlee. Highly commended: Steven Joyce.
  • Least Improved MP: Bill English.
  • Begrudging MP Who’s Annoying But You Have To Respect Them MP: John Boscawen.
  • Simply Most Annoying MP Without Redeeming Qualities:  Chris Carter.
  • The I-Told-You-So Award for proving the media wrong: John Key

Colin’s rationales are quite amusing.

9 Responses to “Colin Espiner’s Awards”

  1. andrei (4,512 comments) says:

    Another boring end of the year round up from the department of who gives a shit, additionally inane because of its beltway origin.

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  2. Murray (8,822 comments) says:

    Begrudging “journalist” Who’s Annoying But You Don’t Respect Them Anyway: Colin Espiner. Highly uncommended Duncan Garner.

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  3. Redbaiter (12,013 comments) says:

    Andre makes a good point. These lists are really just a reflection of how far out of touch with popular opinion the media’s political pundits really are. A demonstration of the wide political gulf that exists today between politicians, political journalists and Wellington insiders on one hand, and the man in the street on the other hand.

    Nobody I know has the time or energy to filter their feelings on government today into such finely adjusted sub groups.

    In the main, they see government and all politicians as a monolithic force weighing down on their efforts to make a better life for themselves and their families. They see the media as a willing part of that monlolithic force.

    Mr. Espiner’s comments only irritate in the sense that he appears to want to seperate himself from what is happening, when the reality is that the mainstream media influence policy, and left wing journalists (meaning most of them) work hand in glove with politicians to impose their will on an unhappy public.

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  4. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    I think it’s good to get an insight from people who spend a lot of their time observing, talking to and analysing our politics and politicians. They can get a bit embubbled but I think they know a heck of a lot more about the performance of our politicians than “popular opinion”.

    In any case, “popular opinion” as reflected in polls seems to be a bit at odds with a handful of extreme opinions.

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  5. Tassman (238 comments) says:

    It must logically followed therefore that Colin Esper is the ass kisser of the year!

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  6. starboard (5,083 comments) says:

    …whats ” giddy up ” ardern done to become backbencher of the year ??

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  7. Inventory2 (12,398 comments) says:

    starboard – one could be really unkind and suggest that she won it in a canter, or that she galloped away with the award, but as it’s nearly Christmas, one won’t! I do remember Rakaia George opining one night though that every time he saw Ms Ardern on the telly, he had an overwhelming urge to reach for a carrot and a bag of sugar cubes ….

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  8. Tassman (238 comments) says:

    Heh heh, it doesn’t take much to trigger a slippery slide home heh heh heh…

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  9. starboard (5,083 comments) says:

    heh heh..carrot and sugar cubes… love it !

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